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Internet Of Things

Supercharge Your Digital Transformation

Monitor and analyze performance, streamline data flows, automate processes & boost customer satisfaction.

Enter A New Realm Of Connectivity

IoT Consultancy

Our consultants devise strategies that align with all your tech needs whether you have just one part of an IoT puzzle missing or require a full-scale solution.

App Development

Customized mobile and web apps that harness the power of connected devices to empower enterprises with next-generation IoT products.

Extension into IoT

We extend existing enterprise and consumer solutions into IoT, turning connected distributed devices and gadgets into valuable assets.

IoT Ecosystem Development

Our IoT app developers can design, develop, and deploy massive cloud ecosystems with multiple tenants, device types, advanced security, powerful provisioning tools, and user-facing applications.

IoT Firmware Development

Start from scratch with fast, stable, security-compliant firmware for your digital products. We support end-to-end IoT device testing with RTOS and Embedded Linux firmware.

Scale your business with MAAQ Services

Streamline your business processes with IOT

Looking For A Turn-Key IoT Solution?

IoT Consultation

  • Defining business context
  • Analyzing data
  • Hardware consulting
  • Planning data center
  • Setting up data pipeline
  • Scoping solution component

IoT Ecosystem Setup

  • Data generation layer
  • Edge computing
  • Data center setup
  • End-user app development
  • Development of control apps

IoT App Management

  • Technical support & troubleshooting
  • Cloud management
  • Security management & regulatory compliance
  • IoT solution evolution

Why Choose MAAQ Services As Your IoT Partner?

Top Talent

  • Dedicated, multi-disciplinary teams
  • Senior engineers Internet of Things expertise
  • 40+ completed IoT projects

You Set The Pace

  • Client-centric IoT development methodology
  • Agile techniques across all industries
  • Efficient communication across time zones

We Save Your Time

  • Rapid and efficient scaling
  • Early value delivery
  • Faster time to market
  • Industry grade security

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