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MAAQ Services
Cyber Security

Stay Steps Ahead Of Cyber Attacks

From proactive planning to crisis management, we will help you overcome your most complex cybersecurity issues.

Secure Your Digital Assets

Penetration Testing

Simulating cyber attacks on a company's network or web applications to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Incident Response

Quickly identifying and responding to cyber security incidents to minimize damage and restore normal operations.

Security Monitoring

Constantly monitoring a company's network and systems for signs of cyber attacks or intrusions.

Vulnerability Management

Identifying and managing vulnerabilities
in a company's network, software, and systems.

Compliance Management

Ensuring that a company's security practices comply with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Managing user identities and access rights to protect against unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Services

Identifying, monitoring, and protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access or loss.

Security & Event Management (SIEM)

Collecting, analyzing, and responding to security-related data from various sources, such as network devices, and servers.

Cloud Security

Securing the company's data and applications hosted on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure and GCP.

Endpoint Security Services

Protecting company's devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets from security threats and vulnerabilities.

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