MAAQ Services
MAAQ Services
Data Science & AI

Unleash The Power Of Data Democratization

A steady stream of insights is all that you need for better decision-making.

Build The Foundation Of Your AI Journey

Data Analytics &

Using a data-driven methodology, we will scale your analytics efforts to measurable business outcomes.

Data Discovery & Augmentation

Using third-party data and predictive analytics, we provide you with holistic customer views.


We tailor user-friendly tools, enabling teams to embrace data and accelerate the transition to AI.

Data Management

We assist with governance, monetization, and compliance in addition to data synthesis and analytics.

Industrialized Solutions

We offer turnkey analytics and AI solutions for common issues, in addition to tailored solutions.

Scale your business with MAAQ Services

Enable smarter decision making with AI and data science.

Our Data Science & AI Services

AI Model Development

We develop robust ML models to get ideal results and enhanced performance.

AI Lifecycle Management

We will help you define a systematic approach to operationalize AI

Big Data Solutions

We design, develop, and deploy Big Data Solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Edge AI

We deploy a Cloud native, Edge approach to maintain real-time performance.


We assist in linking systems through integrations with AI ready platforms

AI Transformation

From defining business cases, opportunities to charting a development roadmap

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