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MAAQ Services
Discovery Workshop

We Help You Discover Your Product's DNA

Our discovery workshop will help you validate your ideas, gather requirements, and visualize the product.

What Is Discovery Workshop All About?

Product Discovery workshops are the most efficient way to handle any project. The workshop is the initial interaction between the client and the project team, wherein both parties develop a shared understanding and mutually devise strategies to solve a particular problem. Product Discovery workshop is a key part of the planning phase in the software development lifecycle.

Product Discovery workshops are instrumental in transforming an idea into reality. In this stage, all the planning, scoping and streamlining is done to make sure that tangible results can be achieved at a later stage of development. It also allows all parties to explore the scope of an idea and steer the project in the right direction.

By the end of a discovery workshop, we create a product plan and outline how to achieve your goals.

How We Can Help You?

Build concrete Requirements

Defining key objectives, and deciding on the features you desire in your new software product.

Save valuable

Defining cost estimates for desired features up front, so you don't go over budget on your project.

Prevent Scope

Setting requirements before development to prevent scope creep and avoid delays on delivery.

Validate Your Idea

Helping you understand the pros and cons associated with your idea. Setting requirements before development

Involve Stakeholders

Aligning stakeholders and end users from day one to get higher adaptability post deployment.

Visualize your Idea

Developing rapid prototypes to help you see how your new project will look and behave.

Become An Early Adopter

Unlock endless possibilities! Create new shared experiences that span the spectrum of the physical and virtual world. Our suite of enterprise-focused metaverse development services includes:

Requirements Document

A comprehensive paper outlining the project's objectives and fully required features.

Clickable Prototype

Visualization of your concept as a clickable prototype that functions on the platforms of your choice.

Technical Evaluation

Identifying technology barriers and developing the optimal solutions to fulfill business objectives.

Project Plan

Defining development schedules and providing cost estimates based on requirements.

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